Who are you?

Tell me about yourself he asked.

And for the first time in a long time I responded to that question, I always hated it- felt it was stupid. 


In that moment I realized it was so profound. I said to him, I am a thousand splendid suns. I take a piece of me from all the people I have met;


I have the smile of the market seller who gives me fruits every Saturday.


I have the strength of the Akara woman who backs a baby, breastfeeds another and uses the other hand to fry my akara.


I have the tenacity of Ali, my gateman who studies every book and believes one day he too will attend ‘‘ varsity”.


I have the sight of Kabiru, who sees beauty in all his customers and reminds them daily.


I have taken bits from them all and given them droplets of my sparkle.

I am a glimmer of hope,

I am a goddess,

My presence is priceless,


I am a strong woman,

But also a vulnerable child,

I am Yommie,

I am gold,

Solid gold baby.

Your friendly neighborhood slay queen 👑


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