Ugandan Blues



Hello Miremba, 

Your mum and I are forever proud of you.

Thank you for removing shame from our eyes.

My sweet Baba,

The kindest man I’ve ever known.

He would lie on his back,

To let people walk over him.

I miss him you know,

Everyday I miss him.

Crisis hit Uganda,

Baba lost all his property,

I left.

My mother, kike mzazi,

She lit candles for me every night.

Every night before I left, 

She would pour oil over my head,

And pray for me.

A good woman.

I miss her you know,

Everyday I miss her.

I’m craving her ugali.

She got the unfair playing cards in life.

My parents tell everyone back home,

Our daughter is a nurse.

She works hard,

A good girl.

They are proud of me.

Look at this fat, ugly, white man.

See his tiny pink, penis.

He couldn’t even last a full minute.

The way he snores, 

I could slap him.

Changing wigs,

Adjusting my leather skirt,

Reapplying my lipstick,

Business must go on,

The night is still young.

No time to wallow in regrets now Miremba.

I came to America for a better life,

I had my little ones to cater for,

I must do what I have to do.

Wow, time has gone,

I had another appointment.

Enough nostalgia,

Tomorrow is another day.


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