Kitan’s Story

I should have posted this a while ago, but I’m posting it now so that in the middle of the harshness and cruelty of the world, you can breathe a little.

‘How far Kitan, you go show Cirque le Soir, na Emeka birthday, mad rocks dey’. I settled into the sofa and listened to Ade go on and on about the rocks he was planning, Cirque le Soir is definitely a club for the books, all the celebrities go there. Since Naija days back in Uni, I’ve always liked Ade, he carried everyone along and boy did he know how to throw a party from the house parties at 1004 to the mad rocks in Quilox. But the thing is I was cash strapped at the moment, being a masters student, holding down a job, paying all my bills and sending some down to my family back in Naij all left me with little to nothing. ‘Ade, I really want to come o, but I honestly can’t, I’m low on funds….’.

‘Kitan no dey talk that kind thing again, how can Ade invite you out and na funds go dey worry you, just be ready by 8pm, we will do pre-drinks then enter club beg.’ I got ready, it’s been a while I had any reason to show up and show out, I wore this form fitting dress from Anike Ologe, my favorite Nigerian designer, put on some sultry makeup and wore my YSL heels. Took a few pictures which I sent to the girls group chat as we were all now scattered across the globe and once I got their approval, I hopped into Ade’s Range Rover Velar.

The drive to the bar was filled with Ade narrating his numerous escapades with his multiple girlfriends, his travels everywhere around the world and all the fun stuff he had been up to lately. I listened but my eyes kept drifting and Ade held my hand saying ‘Kitan wetting dey happen now? Talk to me, I be your guy.’ As I began to speak my voice was breaking and I didn’t realize how distraught and overwhelmed I was with life’s pressures. Ade parked and looked at me squarely, ‘Kitan, no worry, I’ll make sure you’re straight, let’s jaiye tonight, we go yarn after.

I finally met the grand Emeka that Ade wouldn’t shut up about, not a bad looking hunk I must say, tall, broad shoulders and dark chocolate skin, whoosh I could lick him up. But, as a baddie, I couldn’t lose my composure so easily, he walked up to me, introduced himself and we chatted the night away. We got into the club, the bottles were flowing, my waist developed a mind of it’s own and I was finally alive. I whispered to Ade that I was ready to leave and he screamed Kitan live a little now. I don’t know how I found myself in Emeka’s arms but I’m whining on him, he has crazy erection, he’s kissing my neck, his arms are grazing against my bum and it all feels so good, bless Ade for bringing me out.

My head is hurting terribly and I struggle to open my eyes. This isn’t my apartment and everywhere looks unfamiliar. A handsome guy with a nicely sculptured body walks into the room stark half naked with a glass of orange juice and painkillers. I recognize him from last night now, that’s Emeka, Ade’s friend. He pecks my forehead and goes last night was wild, Kitan you’re a dangerous girl. I’m beginning to piece the events from last night together, sitting on Emeka’s face, leaving the club together, scratching his back, the bed, sofa rug, it’s all coming back in pieces.

I pick up my phone and my mum has left 19 missed calls and 10 messages- what a drama queen. I can’t even deal with this today, I touch my face and as I remember last night more clearly, I blush, Kitan you a bad bad girl. Emeka dropped me off at home and that’s the last I heard from him.

Four months down the line in the apartment Ade has paid off for me, my clothes are getting tighter, I look fat and my face is bloated. I’m more drowsy and I have the weirdest cravings. I take a pregnancy test and of course I’m pregnant, what else did I expect?? Of course I’m pregnant. My whole world spins and then stops spinning.

Did Ade set Kitan up? Will Emeka take responsibility? What will Kitan’s mum say?

Your favorite neighborhood slay queen


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