From Zoom to the Bedroom

“I’m sitting there free writing, maybe conversing with my inner child, and I write down: MY LIFE IS MINE. My life is mine. Those words stopped me in my tracks and honestly brought so many tears to my eyes. So many tears to my eyes. Seems so obvious, but obviously it wasn’t.”-Tracy Ellis Ross 

So, for the last year, every now and again I write about my imaginary boyfriend, he’s French, names Sergè. I’ve written about how he proposed to me and what our love story has been like to date. Even though I’ve been single for a hot minute and I’ve not had it easy in love, I choose to dream, stay soft, sweet, hopeful, and let my inner child roam, create and find joy in these stories. Because my pretty lips to God’s ears👂 .

Valentine’s is right around the corner and except for the beautiful and cheesy Valentine’s dates my girls and I have planned together, I’ve never had a romantic Valentine’s date. Nobody has ever serenaded me or done anything particularly special for me, sometimes this makes me a bit sad and my heart panics sometimes because what if I never experience the love I crave? Hmm God please o. Writing these stories have brought me so much joy, seeing your comments have brought me even more joy. 

I’ve always been the type of girl who wanted to marry her high school boyfriend or her college lover, I’ve always wanted a childhood love story but life has its way of working out and you just have to sit back and enjoy the ride. I’m the cheesy girl who always wants to cling to her boyfriend, I want to be in love forever, I want to romance and be romanced forever. I want to do date nights, picnics, vacation, have children, businesses, properties, staycations and everything amazing with one person forever. Hopefully, one day I look back on these stories and thank God that he finally got me and you there❤️.

Serge, my handsome lover. I met him on zoom, I was 22, getting my foot in the door in the corporate world, I worked with a Venture capital company at the time, we were doing a round of one of our biggest investments, we had invited investors from all over the world to collaborate and that’s where I met my lover, Serge. I was responsible for ensuring the introductory sessions went smoothly, that’s the first time I set my eyes on Serge, he was a Venture Capitalist and Investor looking to expand his reach. I got into a breakout room with him and I absolutely loved his mind, his tone, his intellect. Such a fine man.

I was in Japan volunteering and exploring business opportunities two years down the line and coincidentally, Serge was in Japan too, he sent me an email hinting he was around and we hopped on a zoom call to catch up, he offered me dinner and his driver came to pick me up to see the loveliest and sweetest French man I’ll eventually call my husband. We dined at ‘Sukiyabashi Jiro Honten’, the most expensive restaurant in Tokyo, there was wine, laughter and serenading, towards the end of the night, he had Rotimi perform ‘Love Riddim’, my absolute favourite. We took a walk after dinner and it rained, we ran under the rain, giggling and laughing like 12 year olds, I loved every second, this felt good.

My Tokyo trip ended in 2 days and despite multiple pleas from Serge to stay back, I had work to get back to, bye boo. I was in the process of launching my company focused on psychological transformation and I didn’t have time for Serge and his shenanigans. We stayed in touch however, he got wrapped up in my brand and helping me become an expert founder, we will have these unconventional zoom meetings now and again. Somewhere along those lines, Serge got into a relationship and we stayed pals, I was also seeing someone. 

One random morning, an email came in with tickets to Madrid, Spain, Serge had nominated my company up for an award and I can’t tell you how glad my heart was. Madrid was lovely, the lights, the monuments, the views, the sculptures, the lake. My company won the award and I cried, I called my parents, my partner at the time, everyone, I was gassed! Serge called me around noon and we grabbed lunch at ‘El Corte Ingles’, we spoke about love, life, money, and everything in between, another catch-up session and then he gifted me a Birkin, for my success. A king.

Back in London, my partner and I came to a point where our goals weren’t aligned anymore and he’s the best guy- kind, intentional, funny but we just didn’t align on too many things, for one he didn’t want children😭. So, we had to make the difficult and emotional decision to end things. It was absolutely difficult. Serge on the other hand finally ended a situationship so both of us were back at square one, single, very melancholy, and emotional. Our friendship deepened and we had exchanged phone numbers at this time😂😂. . There were more FaceTime calls, fewer ‘zoom meetings’ starting shows together, weekend flights, shared lingo, date nights, and deep bonding. I started giving Serge small face sha. I didn’t want to commit and go through any failed relationship anymore so I told Serge no commitment, just vibes.

I tried to run, I really tried, I tried to hide, I just didn’t want to deal with being alone and hurt again. But, sometimes everything we’ve been looking for is right in front of us and we just need to open our hands to recieve it. On a rainy evening filled with a lot of wine and laughter, I said Serge, people like us don’t lead conventional lives and we may end up alone. He laughed and reversed my statement to Yommie, people like us don’t lead conventional lives and we may end up together. I really love Serge and I’m blesses he loves me too.

The funny part is one day Serge held my face, looked deep into my eyes, and said I will marry you and we will do forever together. I blushed but I had to form a hard girl😭. We traveled to Seychelles together and it was absolutely incredible, we also had our first kiss there, on the beach, starry-eyed, warm hearts, I knew I wanted this forever. I was sure. Serge and I danced together, we went to the museum, he took me jewelry and art shopping, we went to the arcade I even won a cheesy teddy😂. We played a lot and rode on power bikes in matching leather jackets, at the end of the night, between laughing and stealing kisses he asked to be my boyfriend, of course, I said yes. The truth? My heart felt safe with him, it always will❤️.

We had sex, intense, filling, orgasm infused sex and boy did I shake, I was in paradise, my legs wouldn’t stop shaking, if you see how Serge ate me out?? Ah my pussy was dripping wet. Won ti get mi sha😂. We cuddled, laid in bed all morning, said cheesy stuff and watched tv, we had breakfast in bed and all that good stuff, we must have gone three more rounds, my mind fails me now👀. But, he’s a romantic just like me so we do extremely well together.

And that ladies and gentlemen is how I met the love of my life Serge, a modern day love story isn’t it? From zoom to the bedroom😂. 

The way I pray for myself, I pray for you, the way I hope and anticipate a healthy and wealthy love, I hope you experience that too, we all deserve to be happy. And for you who has found their beautiful love story, I pray it stays warm, I pray you never stop laughing, I pray it stays soft, I pray it lasts.

For all my sweet romantics, indulge me, tell me your favourite love stories, I want to read them and giggle😍

Your favorite neighborhood slay queen,


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