My firsst post!

Hey guys, welcome to my blog!!!! I hope we all have fun here, I’m going to be writing about stuff I like on here and things I’m interested in which are majorly mental health, makeup, skincare, lifestyle, food, nice locations to hang out,  poems, branding, family, fashion, friendships, faith, movies, books, travel, relationships… infact everything/anything that comes up! I really want everyone to follow me on this journey, I’m going to be as open as possible as this would be some sort of online journal for me and I really hope we all just have a lot of fun, growth and learning here!

yommie- chic cafe 8

I cannot believe I’m finally doing this honestly, its been such a long time coming tbh… I wanted to hang on a bit, get my own professional camera or whatever so I could produce high quality content… but I guess I’ll just wing this and see how it goes.


yommie-chic cafe 2

I got invited to a private Icecream tasting at Chic Cafe in Dunes Center and it was really dope, I had so much fun honestly. When I first got the invite yeah, I was like rah!!! what does anyone even wear to an Icecream party??? But I figured it out and I think I looked really gorgeous…



Oh well, this is just my first post and I don’t want to make it unnecessarily lengthy or anthing of that sort, I’m happy you guys are here and I would love to interact and have conversations with everyone, I hope you have an amazing evening ahead!




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