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Alone, not Lonely

‘For someone so conflicted, who am I to give advice to anybody? It’s such a funny, grandiose idea’- Florence Welch When I started this journey almost three years ago, I had no idea how it’ll turn out, I didn’t know I could survive being completely alone. I didn’t think I’ll be alone this long- almost …

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I Keep Falling in Love with Strangers at the Airport

All I do is stare, I make eye contact with some, I smile at some and when I’m bold, I talk to some, I watch them read, I watch them have coffee. Over the course of the last five months , I’ve fallen in love with over 200 strangers, Some it’s their eyes, Some their …

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Valentines Day with Yommie

I want to tell you a beautiful valentine’s story, I want to tell you about date nights, vacations, romantic picnics, staring into the stars, loving someone and being loved back. I want to tell you about butterflies, about how salt met the ocean and wouldn’t let go. I want to show you what happens when …

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Soft Juju

I walked into the cafe, Sat down, Ordered a drink off the menu, And then proceeded to take pictures, This blogging thing, It teaches you confidence. She walked into the cafe, Her eyes pierced my soul, Her lips were luscious and attractive, She stood out in the crowd, She lived her truth freely, Not considering …

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Well Done Lati

Your erection never lasted more than a minute, but you told me it was normal and a lot of guys were like that, it’s because my vagina was too sweet and you couldn’t control yourself. I noticed that you never ejaculated either, and you told me the liquid was transparent and you shot straight into …

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