Book Review: Authentic Mama

I just finished reading ‘Authentic mama’ by Olunosen Louisa Ibhaze, truly this is what I needed for this bleak times, thank you Dara and Fati baby for purchasing it for me😂❤️

There was truly no dull moment with this book and I laughed till I nearly choked. Authentic mama took me to Nimbe a small town with an interesting dynamic of people where the star was Iye baby, a high class prostitute who had made a name for herself in the town. All men bowed before her and tried to get a taste of the yummy Iye baby.

I loved how much the book humanized Iye And showed that there was a lot more to her than being a prostitute who slept with men- young, old, married, engineers, commissioners etc for money but actually as a human being with a heart and soul capable of feeling a wide range of emotions. From anger at Oyibo, to sadness when Taibat and her weren’t on good terms, to disgust when her daughter Baby got pregnant for Octavius, to pride when she saw how well to do she was in comparison to her ex husband.

Maybe I’m too liberal for my own good, but I love it so much when people show the human angle to people who lead different lifestyles. I don’t think people should be judged based on what they choose to do with their sexual organs, prostitutes, strippers, the queers get so much bad PR but beyond all that, there’s a mother, a lover, a sister, a friend an intellect, a kind person and more often than not, we take away from that when we reduce people to their sex organs.

I found the church people very chaotic and shady in the sense that, you judge and stereotype this woman so terribly for what she does and how she chooses to live but you’re collecting her fat tithe, wearing her nice fabric and even begging her for more. O wrong now.

That Valentine is such a local champion, can’t believe my babe Iye baby fell for his charlatan ass. A spicy babe like her??? He now had the gurts *in Bobrisky’s voice* to steal from my babeee? That was so unfair. But tbh I’m not surprised, he always showed the signs. Even that her ex husband, yama yama man.

Her variety of boyfriends also intrigued me, from chief to commissioner to engineer and then that charlatan Sweet Banana. Towards the ending of the book when they were all quietly drifting from her, I felt a bit sad, I don’t know why. Simply showed me that; ‘na you get yourself, streets tough’.

This was definitely a good read, very light hearted and the storytelling was incredible, I really want to read more books from Louisa. I love love how the book ended, I love that she found love with Mr. Holloway, I think that’s how love should be, pure, easy and non judgmental.

We should love others for who they are not who we want them to be.

Has anyone read Authentic mama? What did you enjoy about it?

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