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“Born to die”

He despised her so much,
She killed the love of his life.
After all those years in Lagos,
From Mowe to Ikoyi,
From rags to riches,
After everything they shared.
He would walk all through the earth,
But he would never find another Labake.

Labake, Labake,
The wife of his youth,
Each time he looked at this bastard,
He only saw Labake’s beautiful eyes,
Her dark glowing skin,
The beautiful gap tooth she had,
The more he looked at her,
The more he detested her.

Five times she had come and gone,
Five times she caused Labake more pain than the last,
Five times he had buried her,
Five times he had watched Labake break apart,
Five times, he had held her dead body in his arms.

The sixth time, she killed his Labake.
He stood over her,
Stared into those beautiful eyes,
Rubbed his hand against her beautiful neck ,
Slow and steady,
He strangled her,
He killed her.
No more pain,
No more torture,
Don’t come back.


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