A little too late

I realized I was in love with you a little too late.

I’ve known you for 27 years which is all my life, we’ve always called ourselves just friends. People would say oh you guys would make a beautiful couple and we will brush it off because you know… he’s a brother to me. We went to the same schools, played the same games, got our tattoos on the same day.

Maybe I should have noticed, the nights you stayed up to help me with school, or when you skipped work to fix my broken bed. Maybe I should have known in the way you looked at me, how you played with my hair. How you’ll randomly break into a song and we will dance and dance till we slept in a tangled mess.

You were the emergency number in my phone, my go to for everything and nothing. My Gardner because I’ll always damage my plants. The first person I called when I passed my driving test, you were my first everything. I remember having sex with you for the first time because we had both been virgins for too long and decided we will be each other’s firsts. We laughed throughout the sex and we were both so clumsy.

Amaka asked me if I loved you and I laughed hard, abeg o, Nnamdi is just my friend, basically my brother, love kwa? You looked at me and asked if I had any feelings for you, your hands were shaking, your lips quivering, I laughed heartily and said yes now, how a sister loves her brother.

Sigh the day the call came in, your voice sounded loud and happy, Nana I’m proposing next week you said, let’s go pick rings it’ll be fun.

I don’t remember what happened next, I remember the room got blurry and my tongue was tied, felt like I had eaten hot coal. I blurted out a quick I’m happy for you and hung up.

I realized I was in love with you a little too late.

You… were my happily ever after.

Your favorite neighborhood slay queen


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