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I want to tell you a beautiful valentine’s story, I want to tell you about date nights, vacations, romantic picnics, staring into the stars, loving someone and being loved back. I want to tell you about butterflies, about how salt met the ocean and wouldn’t let go. I want to show you what happens when two souls are intertwined and bonds are formed. I want to tell you a beautiful love story and weave you stories of love but unfortunately, I have none. So, let’s take a journey into my mind, and let my imagination take you on a trip. I pray in some alternate reality it comes to pass. I know you love reading stories so sit, let me tell you a story.

Its 2023, I’m sitting at my desk, I worked very hard for this, everything I am and I own have come from my hardworking and dedication. I think about my lovely boyfriend, I’ve never known a love so pure, so expressive, so uninhibited. Somewhere in my head, my anxiety messes with me, tells me he’s going to leave you, you don’t deserve love, people like you should be alone. He will find someone kinder, someone prettier, someone less clumsy and you are not good enough.

An Image of Teatro la Fenice from the IG page @Teatrolafenice

He hasn’t called me yet and it’s Valentines morning, I’m used to it, I’m used to not receiving romantic love but it still stings, it burns and I feel like a hurt little child who just wants to be happy. My anxiety was right, people like me don’t deserve love. I touch my cheek and its wet, shoot! I’m crying. My assistant, Shade walks in and goes ‘ah aunty what happened?’. I get upset and tell her to go home, it’s Valentine’s anyway, nobody should be at work.

As I walk to my car in the blistering cold, the rain drenching my Altuzzara suit, how swell! I start crying even more. Why always me? My phone beeps and it’s my silly boyfriend; ‘Mon ange, breakfast at mine?’ Might as well see him so I brave the rain and drift my Maserati towards the direction of his house. I get there and he’s loading boxes with a chauffeur into his car and I’ve never been more confused. ‘Serge, what’s going on?’, he goes ‘Ah! mon bebe, I’ve planned us a trip to Venice, and shh don’t worry about clothes, we are going on a shopping spree once we arrive.

We hop in the car and he notices I’m a bit nervous so he starts making a few jokes, I loosen up, we start laughing, talking and playing. I like this, a lot. The flight was pretty uneventful. We arrive Venice, get to the hotel, we take a quick nap, I enter the bathtub and he joins me after about 5 minutes. I really like how tender and intimate he is with me. I get out of the shower and Serge has laid out an Oscar de la Renta dress with Harry Winston jewelry to go. Boy! This man spoils me.

‘Mon bebe please be fast, the Opera starts at 9’. I get dressed and we both look exquisite. My handsome French lover, I’m grateful Eledumare brought us together. A 1962 Ferrari 250 G10 Berlinetta is waiting for us, Serge and his love for antique, it’s admirable. We have an argument on the way and I start feeling a bit hurt, he then slides his hands into mine and everything feels better. We arrive at the ‘Teatro la Fenice’ and it’s such a beautiful performance. As the Opera rounds up, I start tearing up, operas really get to me.

An image of Teatro la Fenice from Instagram- @TeatrolaFenice

I open my eyes and Serge is on his knees, holding the most sophisticated ring I’ve ever seen, I hear someone sobbing loudly and it’s my mum. Wait what? Why is my mum in Venice? I look around and everyone I love is here, my family, my friends, my chatty assistant Shade. Serge is on his knees, tears are flowing from his eyes, ‘Mon bebe, Mon ange, Mon ami, you are the ultimate love of my life, in your heart I’ve found a safe place, you are the light of my world. Islands, property, hotels, cars, the finest jewelry, everything you want I will give you. I want us to have a beautiful family, I don’t ever want to do life without you.’

Tears are flowing from everyone’s eyes at this point, my life flashes before my eyes, everything, the hurt I’ve been through, the pain, the unrequited love, the boyfriends who loved me recklessly, the ones who I left, the ones who left me. The little girl in me was smiling.

I hug Serge and say yes, I will marry you my Serge. This is forever.

Somewhere in the crowd, Aramide yells ‘Mafo’ and the whole crowd choruses ‘omo iya mi mo wa pelu e’.

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  1. Yomms, I laughed so hard while reading this. It was actually a sweet read as I was in my hotel room in Venice reading this ❤️❤️❤️

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