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Yommie Olusunle

The Yommie is a personal brand. Yommie is young, personable, creative and educated. She depicts class, girl power, self-discovery and high intellectual prowess. Yommie is a multi-talented queen as she is an influencer, a published writer, a mental health advocate, human resource associate at a boutique management company (9-5), a food and lifestyle blogger, digital strategist, brand consultant and content curator. She is the COO at Abuja Eats (an indigenous food blog), the founder of Yommies (a drink-making brand) and Goal Diggers, a community of young women.

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As much as I love to enjoy life, I have a knack for researching and developing content which are smart, relevant, popular and of the moment. I am a shark with business development, branding, public relations, digital marketing and I have partnered with CEO’s, executives and solopreneurs to grow their personal and professional brands. I love the creative arts with a special emphasis on African Literature. In addition to being an avid reader/writer, I dance professionally (while waiting for my food).

Services I Offer To Brands

Let's explore life and business together. I'm obsessed with supporting brands with their growth. By leveraging on my expertise, professionalism, network and the use of technology and digital media, I'm able to creatively provide value and increase the profitability of my my clients. I'm not scared to say the truth and as a personal policy, I don't take on clients if I'm not capable of helping them.

Social Media Management

Social media management goes beyond just posting updates to your social media profiles. It also includes engaging your audience and looking for new opportunities to increase your reach and visibility. 

Lifestyle Consulting

My mission is to help you get your business right. Creativity and brand development are very instrumental to the development of a successful product or service. I want to develop, re-invent and upgrade your brand.

Public Relations

I want to work hand in hand with your brand/business to creatively handle external communications, shape personalities and mindsets, influence relationships, produce quality content and own the conversation. PR turns companies into heroes and heroes into lovebrands

Creative Writing

Do you enjoy writing? Maybe not. Naturally, I have a way with words and I’m adept at transcribing what’s in your head. I write content for professional business pages, webpages, blogs, e-newsletters and fiction and non-fiction.

Hosting/Guest Speaking

I’m a great host as I’m brilliant, down to earth, an excellent researcher, witty and easy to work with. I also like to sit on panels concerning areas I enjoy, these range from food to mental health to women empowerment and many others.

What People Are Saying

Through the years, I’ve worked with a lot of brands and my work ethic, quality of work and communication skills have always stood out to my clients. Please scroll down to see the feedback from a few brands which I’ve been privileged to work with.

"Working With Yomi is incredible. Yomi is dedicated, has true intent to get it right and pays attention to details. She always makes sure things are done 100%. She goes above and beyond and it is a lovely experience working with her"
Ceasers Restaurant
"Yommie has a really great personality and this makes it so easy to work with her. She listens, and she is ready to do everything just to make things work out perfectly. She gives her 100% in all she does and she is also so enthusiastic about life. Yommie's ability to think outside the box is so intriguing."
Wema Bank
"I've worked with Yomi a couple of times and I must say I was impressed with her attention to details, professionalism and passion to deliver. She isn't just a blogger/influencer out to have fun, you can just tell she genuinely wants to make an impact and to also keep growing"

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Content You Would Relish, Curated With Love By Yommie For You

I have a knack for researching and developing content which are smart, relevant, popular and of the moment.

Mental Health

Mental health is very personal to me and I would be sharing candid personal, real life stories and insight into living with mental health issues, maintaining relationships and demystifying the stigma around mental health. I would be sharing self-help strategies, news and developments and care for people who live with mental health issues. I hope, by reading my words, you realize that you are not alone and better days are coming.


Join me as I document my food and lifestyle journey across the world. The culinary industry is one of the ultimate loves of my life. I would be sharing fresh, interesting and engaging content which would inspire you to live a little more. Enjoy food and restaurant reviews, career advice, how-to's, fashion, travel and more here.

Creative Writing

I'm an incredible writer who writes short stories and poetry in such a refreshing and engaging manner. I would also be reviewing books here as I'm an avid reader and literary conversations make me orgasm. If you're passionate about the arts, join me in here as I'll be incorporating a dash of fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction and more

Brands I've Worked With:

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