Hey babes,

I'm Yommie Olusunle,

a UK based writer, brand strategist, communications professional and mental health advocate who holds a Master’s degree in Psychology. Around these parts, I am building a thriving community to empower people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures to build an authentic life filled with freedom, laughter and purpose.



Content you would relish, created with love for you should be

- Stories inspiring you to live, love and laugh a little.

I’m very passionate about people living lives they’re active participants in, finding joy and developing themselves. Here I would be taking you on a journey of entertainment, education and growth through mental health, personal branding and lifestyle.

Featured Articles

Trust me, I know. There’s a lot to read through and explore on my website. So here are some of my favorites to start from.


Friendship, platonic is beautiful too. Why don’t we tell more stories about the beautiful and profound friendships we are experiencing?

Unpacking Toxic Masculinity


Although suicide is deeply layered and complex with varying contributing factors. A core reason why men have higher suicide rates stems fundamentally from toxic masculinity.

The Beauty Of Platonic Friendships


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New Videos On Youtube

I also have a youtube channel where I walk you through exploring my life as a Nigerian immigrant in the UK, mental health conversations, girl chat, lifestyle and career stuff. Mostly conversations I find interesting. Please, join us.

What I can do for You?

[[Trust me, I know. There’s a lot to read through and explore on my website. So here are some of my favorites to start from.]]


I use written, verbal and visual methods to describe and portray the brand to potential customers. Branding turns companies into heroes and heroes into love brands.

Creative Writing

I naturally have a way with words and I’m adept at transcribing what’s in your head. I write content for professional business pages, webpages, blogs, e-newsletters and fiction and non-fiction.

Guest Speaking

I’m a great host as I’m down to earth, an excellent researcher, witty and easy to work with. I also like to sit on panels concerning fields I’m passionate about.